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Daddy's Nappy Change Tool Belt

Daddy's Nappy Change Tool Belt


5 Pocket Tool Belt  ( To Keep It All Together! )

3 Nappies Size 3  ( 3 Attempts! )

Baby Wipes ( Baby Or Daddy?! )

Baby Powder ( Sprinkle, Sprinkle! )

Baby Soother ( Volume Control! )

Nappy Sacks ( Toxic Waste Disposal! )

Disposable Apron ( Explosions Happen! )

Disposable Gloves ( No Yukky Hands! )

Shower Cap ( Aiming High! )

Face Mask ( Splatter Control! )

Ear Plugs ( Noise Defenders! )

Peg ( For Smelly Ones! )


Gift Wrapped:



Dinkytoes Tag



This is one for daddy to help him prepare for that very first nappy change! This five pocket tool belt contains lots of essentials to make nappy changing easier for daddy and hopefully baby too. Makes an ideal gift for any new daddy, grandad etc and one which is sure to cause a giggle! Don't forget to leave a cheeky message in the gift message box and we will print it on the tag for you.

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