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Baby Gifts

Baby Gifts

Dinkytoes Baby Gifts - UK

Located in the South East of England, in Chelmsford Essex. Here at Dinkytoes Baby Gifts we design and create unique beautiful baby gifts for currently due mums and new parents, not forgetting dads! We offer UK and International Delivery. So far we have had orders from all over the world including the USA, China and Australia and delivered to almost every corner of the UK.

We specialise in creating completely unique Nappy Cakes. All made to order and fully customisable. We also make smaller gifts such as Sock Cupcakes, Muslin Lollipops and Bib Muffins. All of our items are fully usable and non edible. These are baby bundles with a difference!


What is a Nappy Cake?

Nappy Cakes are the latest must have trendy baby gift for new parents. Whether you are looking for a unique gift for a colleague or a superb centerpiece for a Baby Shower or Christening, why not choose one of our beautifully handcrafted Nappy Cakes.

Born in the US and better known as a Diaper Cake, baby showers are held like birthday parties, everyone has one that is expecting a child, and a Diaper Cake will be the beautiful centerpiece. These cakes along side Baby Showers have taken off in the UK in the last few years.  Here in the UK other than Baby showers a Nappy Cake is more likely given to expecting and new parents as a gift from friends and family and also given by work colleagues to maternity and paternity leavers.

A Nappy Cake is a bundle of baby items created to look like a cake, a beautiful way of presenting baby items to new parents. We use a number of Pampers nappies that are rolled up to make a gift tower (like a wedding cake), typically 1, 2 or 3-tiers tall.   The Nappies are then decorated with usable baby clothes such as bodysuits, bibs, towels, etc. and topped off with a teddy of a baby bouquet.

Design Your Own (or tell us your budget and we will do it for you!)

If you would like us to change an existing cake in our store, we can do that too! We are here to help and make you the best nappy cake possible. All cakes are made to order.


Novelty Nappy Cakes

Our novelty Nappy Cake ranges is always growing with special requests from our customers. We currently have a 3 piece Large Train, a Baby Crib and a Baby Pram.

Nappy Cake Train


Pampers Nappies


We only use Pampers Nappies, and as you can imagine we get through a huge amount of nappies every year. We generally use size 3 nappies and this is for a good reason. Many new parents and grandparents find it tempting to buy several cases of nappies when they find them at a good price. If you're buying for a newborn, or stocking up for a baby that hasn't yet been born, you shouldn't buy too many nappies in the same size as they can soon become too small. With a beautiful gift such as a nappy cake, the parents want to appreciate the cake before taking it apart, which is why we use size 3.  Most newborns don't stay in the same nappy size for very long, so the parents could end up with lots of tiny nappies and a not so tiny baby. Some babies do not even need newborn size nappies so if you're going to buy any size for your friend or family member it's best to stay away from the first 2 sizes. We have done a lot of research into this and have found size 3 being used from 3 months and lasting to up to a year in some babies. This is the most used size in a baby's nappy days.


Sock Cupcakes

Sock Cupcakes are non edible novelty gifts which are fully usable for mum and baby. They are created with a pair of baby socks which are rolled together and placed into a silicone cupcake case. Silicone being oven hardy to very high temperatures this will also be useful for mums that like to bake! The cupcake is topped with a mini flower then placed into a complimenting cupcake box. We have many gift bags to choose from which also gives you the opportunity to present some mini gifts together in a beautiful baby gift bag.


Muslin and Washcloth Lollipops

Our Muslin and Washcloth Lollipops are part of our mini novelty baby gift range. The prices start from just £3.99. These can be used for many occasions, from new baby gifts or even as stocking fillers at Christmas. We have many colours and can also mix and match. Like above why not add them to a cute gift bag with some other mini gifts.

We have many other mini baby gifts, such as Baby Bib Muffins and Sock Cupcakes. Please take a look at our online shop.


UK Delivery

We deliver throughout the UK. All of our prices can be found on our shipping info link at the top of the page. 

We use specially created white boxes for all of our cakes, these are tall and thin so the cake remains upright throughout its journey. It is well packed inside with colour co-ordinating balloons, which keeps the cake perfectly protected and also makes for a surprise when the box is opened The cakes are wrapped in cellophane and finished with ribbons and 100% of our cakes arrive in perfect condition.

We are currently using Hermes and Inpost Lockers who have both proved to be very reliable couriers.


Based in Chelmsford Essex

We are based in Chelmsford Essex which has recently gained the CITY title! We also offer local collection and in the past we have put together orders for customers at very short notice when they were let down by another company. Always happy to help here at Dinkytoes!


Wholesale and Drop Shipping

Please see the link at the foot of our website for our retail wholesale and online drop shippers info.

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