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Baby Gift Shop

Dinkytoes Baby Gifts is located in the South East of England, Chelmsford, Essex and launched in March 2010. Dinkytoes is an online shop that offers baby gifts, family gifts and more.



Please see our online store for your unique novelty baby gifts, including:


Nappy Cakes - Novelty baby bundles made to look like a cake.

Sock Cupcakes - Baby socks rolled and placed into cake cases to resemble a cupcake

Baby Bouquets - Artificial bouquets filled with rolled baby clothes

Baby Hampers - Baskets filled with baby clothes and blankets

Gifts for the new Mum and Dad

Sibling Nappy Cake - Nappy cake that includes a gift for siblings


There are many more unique novelty designs in our mini baby gift section such as box of sock eggs, bib muffins and sock cupcakes.


Our gifts are perfect for new parents before or after the birth of their child. A Nappy Cake makes a perfect centre piece at a Baby Shower and for a staff members maternity or paternity leave present.






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